Adding Quality, Style & Convenience To Your Travels

To many people, the appropriate TRAVEL EQUIPMENT is essential in turning every business travel, day-trip or a family excursion into an unforgettable experience.


And we couldn’t agree more!

The right tools play a vital role in every outdoor activity we take, helping us to make the most of these precious moments in the open air.

This is why we manufacture our brand products with QUALITY, ERGONOMIC DESIGN and FUNCTIONALITY as TOP NOTCH!
We Are Offering EVERYTHING You Need For Traveling With Flair!

JEMIA is an innovative brand committed to equipping the traveller, holidaymaker, athlete and nature lover with HIGH-END, ERGONOMIC backpacks, bags and suitcases at the most COMPETITIVE PRICES.


JEMIA is the Taiwan-based business, as well as the high-flying e-shop they have founded with one DREAM: To make their brand stand out among the many similar ones flooding the market, thanks to its products QUALITY, DESIGN and UNMATCHED CUSTOMER SERVICE!


Quality First!

Our R&D Department is committed to carrying out extensive research to pinpoint the specific needs of our customers, which we then strive to meet to the full. We scour the country to discover the best manufacture materials to prepare SUPERIOR MANUFACTURE travel, sports and recreation gear for your most demanding needs.


We then create our travel line with great attention to detail, to ensure STURDY STITCHING, NON-FADE COLORS and ERGONOMIC DESIGN that will take your activities to a whole new level.

We know the issues flimsy suitcases may cause to your travels and walk the extra mile to make sure our products will NEVER let you down! Forget all about poorly crafted backpacks or bags with zippers that get easily stuck, made of fabric that gets ripped in a breeze or fades in the first wash! You can enjoy now FUNCTIONALITY, COMFORT and CONVENIENCE outdoors with premium travel or sports equipment that is made TO LAST!


Fresh, Innovative Design!

We know you are tired of dull backpacks, bags and suitcases that make all your out and about look exactly the same!

So, we are offering every modern backpacker, camper, hiker, holidaymaker, business traveller and athlete NOVELTY DESIGN gear that will spice up their experiences!

Get inspired to travel, enjoy a Sunday picnic or let steam off with a refreshing weekend trip with stunning design travel equipment that will MAKE HEADS TURN!


The Friendliest Customer Service!

At JEMIA offering you top quality travel gear is not enough. We strive to establish HONEST, FRIENDLY, PERSONAL relations with our valued customers with our enthusiastic customer service 24/7 to ensure your 100% satisfaction!

Our communication specialists will respond to your questions in no time, resolving every little issue that may arise PROMPTLY, RESPONSIBLY and EFFICIENTLY!

A Far-Reaching Dream! These are the features that bring us day by day one step closer to our ambitious purpose: To earn our customers’ trust and loyalty and consolidate our presence in the international markets with confidence and ambition, based on our solid values!


Indulge Yourself Now To Premium Luggage Equipment & Live Your Outdoor Moments To The Fullest!


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